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AL NO’MANI (Brando) - Al No’mani’s film debut was as Kaied in David O. Russell’s Three Kings (1999). He has appeared in many television series, including Arrested Development, Winning the Peace, and The West Wing. Other film work includes the award-winning short, In the Morning and Tel Aviv. In his native Iraq, Al No’mani – then going by his given name, Kaied Hassan – was often called “the Brad Pitt of Iraq” and was a favorite of Sadaam Hussein. Falling out of favor, Al brought his family to the United States and never looked back.


ROBERT PRENTISS (Randall) - Robert Prentiss has done film and television work since 1989. Films include Red Ridge, The Alamo, Knocked Up, Boys Don’t Cry and Blind Fury. Television appearances include Walker, Texas Ranger, To Serve and Protect, The Con and The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.


MELINDA RENNA (Carmen) - Melinda Renna has appeared in many films and television episodes. Film work includes Even Hand, Serving Sara, The Keyman, Dr. T. and the Women, Any Given Sunday, Freeway, Nixon, Born on the Fourth of July and Natural Born Killers.  She played the recurring role of Marta Lopez in five episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger, from 1993-2000.


BARRY TUBB (Seth) - Barry Tubb is a native Texan and former Bull Riding World Champion. He has many film and television credits to his name as well. His most recent films include Javelina, Dance with the One, and Clown Hunt. Other films include Grand Champion and Top Gun.  He appeared as Officer Archie Peyser in four episodes of Hill Street Blues and as Mickey Wagner in 8 episodes of Bay City Blues.


RYAN BOGGUS - Ryan Boggus makes his film debut as Limon in Baghdad Texas. He appeared in the acclaimed television series, Friday Night Lights in 2005. He is a student at Texas State University in San Marcos..


SHANEYE FERRELL (Kathy/Co-Author) – Baghdad Texas marks the Shaneye Ferrell’s screenwriting debut. As television actress, she has appeared in Happy Lesson, Lost Universe and Wedding Peach, along with roles in several foreign films and television series.

DAVID HICKEY (Director/Co-Author) was raised in Fort Worth, Texas. He attended Eastern Hills High School before going to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC then received a Master of Fine Arts from Texas Tech University in Lubbock Texas. He wrote and performed numerous one-man shows and directed theatre in New York City and Texas before turning his attention to filmmaking. He has served on the faculty of Southwest Texas State University Graduate Directing Program, and currently teaches at the Austin School of Film.
BOOKA MICHEL (Producer/Composer) is a well known professional musician and producer. He has produced award-winning albums, with Songs and Albums of the Year in Canada, Australia, Europe and the U.S. in the Blues, Folk, World Music and Americana categories. He has performed with Butch Hancock, Doug Sahm, David Amram, Flaco Jimenez, Hoyt Axton, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Odetta, Pete Seeger, Peter Yarrow, Ray Benson, Steve Ray Vaughan, Townes Van Zandt and many others.
EDYTHE MICHEL (Executive Producer) was born and raised in Austin, Texas. Appreciation and support of the arts were a natural part of growing up in a family with a long tradition of philanthropy and community involvement. She and her husband Booka have two  children; Shana, 21 and Jacob, 14. Edythe is an avid gardener and enjoys maintaining her historic home near the University of Texas. She is involved in local and statewide politics and serves on the Board of Directors at the Austin School of Film.
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